Reaching the unreached through SHGs


In order to provide the benefit of institutional credit to the poorest and marginalized section of the society, Balasore Bhadrak Central Co-operative Bank initialized the bank linkage program for the SHGs from the year 2000-01. In order to strengthen the SHGs movement, Bank has deputed 59 numbers of officers to BIDAR DCCB for exposer visit during the year 2005-06 to implement the Bidar Model SHG with appropriate modification suitable for the targeted group with effect from 01.04.2006.

As on 31.03.2011

Total No. of SHGs: 11233

Accumulated savings:1430.64 Lakhs

No. of SHGs linked with DCCB/PACS: 10128

Amount of credit disbursed:5019.72 Lakhs


Tenant farmer groups for share croppers and oral lessees

In order to provide Share Croppers/Tenant Farmers and oral lessees access to institutional credit which had hither to been denied to them.Balasore Bhadrak Central Co-operative Bank has lead to organize exclusive SHGs for them with the facilities of 1:10 deposit credit ratio.


As on 31.03.2011


Total No. of TFGs:1839


Accumulated savings:64.52 Lakhs


No. of TFGs linked with DCCB Br/PACS: 1163


Amount of credit disbursed:460.95 Lakhs



Joint liability group in Balasore Bhadrak District


In order to ensure financial inclusion of hither to excluded class of tenant farmers, share croppers etc, the Bank has taken initiative to form, promote and credit link joint liability group of farmers in both the districts.BBCCB is the only bank in both the district to take of this unique initiative.


As on 31.03.2011


Total No. of JLGs:2231


No. of JLGs linked with DCCB Br/PACS:1155


Amount of credit disbursed: 357.49 Lakhs