(DED) Scheme

Dairy Entrepreneurs Development (DED) Scheme

Small Dairy unit minimum 2 and maximum 10 Cows (Cross breed). The cost of unit maximum is Rs.5.00 Lakhs.

Developed type of Sankar Calf minimum 5 and maximum 20. The maximum cost of the unit is Rs.4.80 lakhs.

Vermi compost project with Dairy unit costs another Rs.20,000/-.

Milking machine, milk cow tester, Bulk cooling machine for at least 2000 liters capacity, the project cost is Rs.18.00 lakhs.

Processing machine for milk products, project cost Rs.12.00 lakhs.

Transportation of milk and milk product, project cost is Rs.24.00 lakhs.

Cold storage for milk and milk products, project cost is Rs.30.00 lakhs.

Private veterinary Hospital, the unit cost is Rs.2.40 Lakhs (mobile) Rs.1.80 lakhs (fixed).